Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Fancy Dress Party with EZCosplay

If you meet me in real life, you'll be surprised by how simple I am in person. Seriously.

But if you were to see me at a fancy dress party, good luck! because you'll be surprised (shocked, even) by how colourful I can be. Just ask my husband because he has been my partner ;)

I love costumes and fancy dress so when we stumbled upon a Cosplay event, I had so much fun taking photos of the young people having a ball!

If you are shopping for a fancy dress party, here are some fun Cosplay costumes at Ezcosplay:

Final Fantasy is a science fiction and fantasy media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi that was first released in 1987 - I remember my cousins and schoolmates playing the game.

If cosplay was cool in Malaysia then, I know a lot of crazy guys would be parading around in all this battleground costumes...

Final Fantasy Cosplay

I am not a cosplay aficionado so pardon me if I do not know these characters - I only know that if young girls would like to dress up in cosplay, cute is always a good way to go.

I know I'll choose Sailor Moon if I can because I love the orangey-gold hair. My daughter may like the pink and purple flowing robes of the Unicorn...

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Check out the Cinderella ball gown and glass slippers!

If you have a Disney princess fantasy, you can find beautiful, dreamy and grand costumes at Ezcosplay too. I think that this gown would even pass off for a prom gown, don't you think?


Would you like to build a snowman?
Princess Elsa and Anna are still as popular as ever even if Frozen was launched more than 5 years ago

The princess costumes at Ezcosplay are true to the story as you can see Princess Elsa's long, green gloves and I think that the brilliant red braided wig and flattering black and green dress will make anyone a beautiful Princess Anna.

And who wouldn't like this electric blue (azure? teal?) hair and chic costume???

Last August, Ezcosplay gave out a free costume to cosplayers who send in their best cosplay. I think that's generous of them so do watch out for future giveaways.

win the free costume!

I have no idea who Naruto is but I know that I have met nearly 10 Naruto fans who are 20 to 30 year old. One of them also loves colouring and drawing out the characters LOL I think that I should invite her to check out cosplay.

Naruto cosplay

Halloween is coming soon and Ezcosplay is giving up to 45% discounts off their selection of costumes. Hop over soon before the good ones are all gone...

cosplay costumes

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