Sunday, 2 September 2018

How to choose Foundation

The kids are growing up fast and are busy with their own secret stuff (of course, done with a lot of props, loud whispers, jumping and running -_- ).

I actually have time to do a lot of spring cleaning. Ok, cancel that because this post is NOT about cleaning, cooking, kids or anything motherly.

This post is about choosing the correct shade of your foundation, especially if you're into liquid or stick foundations and you have brown or dark skin tones.

If you see the photo below by Becca, you can see how the different shades of foundation appear on different shades of skin or different girls' wrists.

TIP: When you are testing out foundation at the drugstore or at the beauty counter, choose the one that's melts into the skin (it's almost invisible or it's a shade lighter) than the shade of your skin on your wrist.

Since we all come in different shades of skin (white, brown, dark or black) and make-up lines have offered up to almost 20 shades for us to choose from, good luck coz it's not going to be easy O_O

If you are lucky, you'll find a helpful, sincere and sympathetic beauty consultant (and not the typical pushy sales person)

Have fun!!!

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