Saturday, 17 August 2019

Blue light on computers, iPhone and iPads

Although I like to read, I pride myself in taking extremely good care of my eyes.

Here are my lifestyle tips for avid readers:

1. Read in well-lit places, especially natural sunlight

2. Do not read in the dark.

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I have read thousands of books and yet I am not short-sighted.

Things changed when I read documents on the computer and of course, the smart phone.

After working for 1-2 hours on the computer, I emerged with dry, irritable red eyes.

Did you know about the harsh effects of blue light (white light), whose rays penetrate your cornea and affects your retina directly?

1. Limit your exposure to direct LED lighting 

LED lighting is promoted as energy saving because it's a light-emitting diode (LED) because it's a bright light in compared to your fluorescent bulb.

Fluorescent bulbs do not harm the eyes in the long run simply because they are not light-emitting diodes - they are fluorescent gas encapsulated in tubes.

---> By the way, LEDs are made with aluminum-gallium-arsenide semiconductors.

2. Go for concealed lighting, not direct overhead lighting. 

A professional interior decorator or a smart carpenter and electrician can help you with this.

3. Take a break!!!

After 30 minutes of watching YouTube videos, scrolling on the phone or working on your laptop, take a break!!! 

Go to the toilet. 

Drink a glass of water. 

Do some stretching. 

Look for a friend and talk to the friend :)

4. Read printed books, please. Not e-books. 

I do not read books on my smart phone or even iPad because the screens used LEDs. The only e-book reader that I find that is kind to the eyes is the Amazon Kindle.