Friday, 7 September 2018

Ellen Pompeo uses Young Living for Baby

Hands up who's a "Grey's Anatomy" fan? :D

If you were a fan like I was, you'll remember the medical interns like Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and McDreamy (Derek Sheperd), Dr. Mark Sloan, the lovely Dr. Addison, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), Lexie Grey...

Anyway, Ellen Pompeo is now a young mother and the cool thing about the young moms now is 
how careful they are about their children's health. 

"I started using Seedlings for my 18 month old son,"

"Essential oils are a little tool that I give my kids to be able to self soothe when they are feeling upset or anxious, wake them up or make them feel creative." I wish that Young Living essential oils had been introduced in Malaysia much, much earlier so that moms with sensitive skin and kids with eczema DO NOT have to suffer from the trial-and-error of choosing the correct shampoo, baby bath and baby lotion for their babies.

Do you know how good essential oils are for our skin?

I bet you are familiar with the smell of lavender when you're having a massage with aromatherapy or you've used facial creams or lotions or shower cream containing lavender. Well, lavender essential oil is popular in skin care products simply because it's so gentle and calming to the human skin.

When my son had an unusually intense eczema breakout a few years ago, he could only tolerate sweet almond oil infused with lavender essential oil, whose aroma calmed his nerves too before bedtime.

Nobody in our family has acne but during a trek in the outdoors, my daughter had a lot of mosquito bites and I had the mini samples that come with the Young Living Starter Kits on hand.

Before she could start scratching, I applied a few drops of Lavender essential oil on the mosquito bites and wow, her skin turned smooth and soft again. She had no chance to feel anxious at all since she LOVES the scent of lavender :)

If you're curious about essential oils or the Seedlings range of chemical-free, toxic-free, phtalate-free, paraben-free, essential oil infused range of baby bath and skin care by Young Living, just leave me a comment.