Saturday, 15 June 2019

Scrapbooks: All About Memory Albums

For the next few months, we plan to make a few scrapbooks and get my children involved in the creation of their own memory albums.

Last weekend, I hunted high and low for a beginner's guide to scrapbooking at the library.

Leaving the kids to hunt for their books, I browsed through the aisles and found the perfect guide book:

All About Memory Albums is a wonderful guide for beginners because it shows you the tools, papers, punches, die cuts, templates and other fun stuff you need to create a memory album or scrapbook. 
Although a bit outdated, the book still gives great tips for:
  • page construction, 
  • cropping, 
  • matting, lettering and other embellishments to make your scrapbook special.
Currently, my scrapbook making inventory consists of plain colored paper, corrugated paper, scissors, stickers, glue and of course, lots and lots of photos.

Where Do I Begin?

The book suggests working with the most recent photos first.

I started with the School Years: A Family Keepsake of School Memories.

👍 My son has such fun memories at his kindergarten, I must put together a scrapbook he can look through because he talks so much about his friends and school activities. DONE!

👸 My little princess enjoys every minute of this scrap-booking activity and if she can have her way, she'll also do her brother's scrapbook LOL

My daughter is super, super excited because SHE LOVES ART AND CRAFT.

Here's a bright and cheery scrapbook I found on Amazon for baby photos:

RubyRoo Baby First Year Baby Memory Book + Baby Journal. Baby Shower Gift. + Picture Album. Boy + Girl Babies. (Adventure)

All Boy Scrapbook Pages (Memory Makers) and All Girl Scrapbook Pages would be useful for the kids to pick and choose for their individual scrapbooks.

Our Wedding Album

Believe it or not, I also need to make a scrapbook for our wedding!

Our wedding had a blue and white theme so I'd love this floral blue Our Wedding Story: A Celebration of Our Journey to "I Do" scrapbook

Some people like fashionable and trendy wedding albums but me...I'm a simple, old-fashioned girl. :)

I like the classic, retro or vintage designs, which are in the style of my parents' wedding album. 

Pioneer 12-Inch by 12-Inch Postbound Embroidered Scroll and Leatherette Cover Memory Book, Ivory

Pioneer 12-Inch by 12-Inch Scroll Embroidery Fabric Postbound Album with Ribbon, Ivory

I definitely need to organize all the keepsakes from our wedding (now stored in a box) into a scrapbook because our wedding was a huge family affair.

Lots of beautiful memories there :)

I have all these ideas, guides and scrapbook materials, I only need to shop for a few scrapbooks.

If you don't see me till Christmas, you'll know what I'm busy with. 😁