Friday, 12 May 2017

Gluten-free Foods Guide

Last year, when my son had the skin problem, I started him on "clean eating" diet and whilst he waited out the flare-ups, his rash appeared like a gluten intolerance rash.

Thus, I decided to try a "gluten-free" diet and looked out for gluten-free foods. Among the list of foods he had to avoid were:
1) Barley
2) Soy sauce
3) Oats
4) Flour and flour products - bread crumbs, pasta, cake flour, tortillas, ramen, udon etc!

Was the gluten-free diet successful?

Yes, in the sense that I managed to remove A LOT of processed foods from his daily diet and introduced more whole foods e.g. proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables that should part of a growing child's diet.

However, in shopping for "gluten-free" products in the supermarket, I found that many of them (some of them were unhealthy to begin with) were sold at ridiculously expensive prices.

Plus, some of the foods that are labelled "gluten-free" are not even nutritious to begin with!

Since health foods are big business now, many food manufacturing companies are cashing in on consumer trends.

Please read labels carefully before you buy any expensive "gluten-free" packaged foods from the supermarket, ok?

Here's one of the more helpful charts showing us food that contain gluten and foods that are gluten-free:

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  1. Hello Kit Yap, interesting post. Its true we have to watch what we eat.
    As for us, we have been only taking Bee Pollen and Chinese green tea all the years. Nothing else, and its good enough.

    And our mandatory annual medical physical checkups reports a clean bill of health, no problemos.

    You keep well, have a great weekend.