Monday, 15 July 2013

Does iHerb ship to China?

YES! iHerb ships to China:
  • iHerb uses Global Priority Mail by DHL. Shipping cost is a flat rate for orders valued up to US$80, and weighing 4 lbs. (1,814 grams) or less.
  • Your package will take about 10 days (weekends included) to arrive in China. Yup, I have tried and tested out the timing.
  • No tracking available - ALL of 5 my orders (placed at various times in the year) have arrived safely.
If you order US$40 or more, you'll get discounted shipping rates, plus a minimum 5% discount in your shopping cart.

Check out my iHerb shopping cart, (US$10 off your first order) which are usually healthy children's candy/snacks, baking stuff and dried fruits/raw nuts.

Snacks for Toddlers

I love these all-natural snacks that contain no artificial colourings that my kids are allergic to. Plus, they are baked that means they are not deep-fried with processed oils.

If you know me, you'll know that I'm quite anal about SUGAR but being a mum, I do have kids who attend birthday parties where lollipops are served. 

Everyone knows that forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest thus, I do let my kids indulge in some lollipops now and then. 

I was happy to stumble upon these organic lollipops, which are flavoured with natural fruit juice. If they've got to get a sugar high, at least it's a natural sugar high hehe.

* Groceries

Some of the baking goods I'd order (especially when there's a special offer):


  1. IMPORTANT!!! Bob's Red Mill, Baking Powder, Gluten Free, 16 oz (453 g) - Since we spent almost every Christmas in China, I was frustrated that I could not find this essential item. During summer, I made sure to put this as #1 on my shopping list :)
  2. For fluffy pancakes - Bob's Red Mill, Pure Baking Soda, Gluten Free, 16 oz (453 g)


  1. Bob's Red Mill, Organic Unbleached White All-Purpose Flour, 48 oz (1.35 kg)
  2. Bob's Red Mill Organic 100% Stone Ground Wholewheat Pastry Flour


  1. Simply Organic, Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract, Farm Grown , 2 fl oz (59 ml) or
  2. Frontier Natural Products, Organic, Vanilla Extract, 2 fl oz (59 ml) or
  3. Frontier Natural Products, Organic Vanilla Extract, (Indonesia), Farm Grown , 2 fl oz (59 ml)
  4. Singing Dog Vanilla, Organic Pure Vanilla Extract, Farm Grown , 2 fl oz (59 ml)
  5. Wilderness Poets, Pure Vanilla Powder, Wildcrafted Vanilla Beans, 1 oz (28 g)

Here's my iHerb shopping cart again - don't forget those essential baking products!


Here are some daily supplements I've ordered from iHerb:
  • High Potency B Complex - I have stopped consuming it, especially as I had yellow pee EVERY TIME I take a pill.
Now, I am taking Super Lutein, an all-natural carotenoid and B complex supplement (Made in Japan).

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Toddler's Milestones

“Celebrate good times, come on! Let’s celebrate!”
Okay, why am I going crazy so early in the morning?
1) The TWO Avent bottles I have been washing and drying for the past 6 years are now collecting dust. 
No. 1 took a long time to do it but he finally did. No. 2. ditched the bottle when she was 2 and a half, I think.
Bye, bye, baby bottles!!!
2) The toddler is now using the toilet.
She had been using the potty for a while but lately, I’ve suggested that she use the regular toilet instead. And she agrees (most of the time).
Bye, bye, potty!!!
3) She has learned to share.
I am so proud of her because twice I have seen her give up a toy to a younger child at her daycare. The first time was a toy ride and she did it after a bit of coaxing.
The second time, she let go of the ride but she ran to me with big, fat tears rolling down her face. She buried her face in my lap because she didn’t want the others to see her crying. I gave her a big kiss and hug and told her she’s such a clever girl. I also told her it’s OK because she can have a turn after the toddler was done with it. She nodded and brushed her tears away.
I am so proud of this cili padi. Would you believe that she would bite, hit, kick and scratch anyone who dared to touch the toy she’s playing with??? I would warn other kids who even thought of going near her LOL
4) She is becoming more of a princess and less of a monkey. 
This is HUGE milestone for her because she has been a tiresome toddler (Terrible Twos and Threes) who cries, screams, flings herself to the floor and throws TERRIBLE tantrums whenever she doesn’t get what she wants.
Now, she sulks a bit and sometimes, has a bit of an inner conflict but she’s learning to accept the word, “NO.”
Wanna know how I handled it? Watch out for the next post 😉
For now, I just want to dance and sing at the top of my voice because I AM SO HAPPY 😀

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Stinky Pork

Now that I am slowly going back to work, I have only been able to go to wet market on weekends :) Last week, I tried a new pork stall at the wet market around our area - I bought a huge hunk of fat for my home-made lard, pork ribs and some pork belly as I was craving for pork with dark soy sauce. The butcher had chosen a really nice cut of pork fat for me as the lard rendered turned out beautifully :) The pork ribs were OK too. However, the pork belly was a totally different story! I was going to and from the car with bags and bags of food and groceries plus bags of old children's clothes I wanted to give away when the electrician decided to show up. When we entered the apartment, a strong STENCH of pork hit us in the face. I was like, "UGH!" Now, I've never fancied pork as a child but my mum marinades it in such a way that I don't get a whiff of Mr. Porky. When we moved to China, pork was everywhere that I had no choice but to cook it, eat it and also feed it to the family. I'm still learning how to choose a good cut of pork - I just go by instinct i.e. if it's a bright, nice shade of red, I'll buy it. The pork belly showed all signs of being OK thus I was horrified by how awful it smelled! My mum tried to salvage the dish by adding ginger to it - a few hours later, the smell went off. At dinner time, my mum and the kids ate the pork without any comment but the minute I took a bite, I spat it out. Somehow, it had that awful, stinky pork taste. I also scraped it off the kids' rice bowls. I am still puzzled about it but I will definitely talk to the butcher about this.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Funny Girl

My little girl is a real clown. She's also very naughty but many times, I burst out laughing even though I am on the verge of spanking her. Here are some funny moments I recall (I must note down more!):

Last year, I was nagging my son about doing his homework at the last minute - he told me there was none. To my horror, I found homework in Math, Chinese and English at around 8 pm. During my tirade, the toddler sat quietly beside her brother.

When I turned to look at her, she shrugged her shoulders and said, "I have no homework." Hahaha, I had to laugh because it looked as if she was defending herself!


One evening, I was busy blogging while her brother was busy building blocks or reading a book.

The toddler marched up to me, folded her arms, stared stonily on the ground and announced: "I'm so angry." I laughed and frowned, "You're angry?" She replied, "I'm not happy." She pouted for emphasis.

Tweaking her chubby cheeks, I asked, "Aww...why are you so angry?" I knotted up my eyebrows and frowned at her.

The cheeky girl burst out laughing, gave me two peace signs and yelled: "I'm HAPPY!!!"

I think she'll be a good cheerleader.


She's a real chatterbox and I have trouble keeping her quiet in church.

Once, she was singing a song and clapping her hands when an usher told me to keep her quiet. She seemed to realize that she'd done something wrong and immediately sang and clapped softly.

Maybe the usher gestured or said something to her because she was looking behind me then. Guess what? She sang and clapped LOUDER THAN EVER!

I forgot what I did or maybe the usher frowned at her or something because she went back to singing and clapping quietly. Anyway, she did it with a cheeky glint in her eye. I know she's going to be a trouble maker.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Going Organic

Happy New Year 2013!

After finishing the "Real Food Challenge" last year, I learned so much about all the foods (especially fake foods) that we have been eating and the real foods we have discovered.

Since I don't like to waste food, I had to painstakingly finish almost all of the supplies that I had, minus the rubbish e.g. junk food that was 100% colour, flavourings and sugar. I junked those.

Thus, when I went shopping for food again, I decided to get organic food (most affordable for my current budget) for basic necessities.

Here's what I got: