Thursday, 29 December 2016

No heart surgery needed

Whenever anyone asks about Izumio testimonials, I love sharing about an old Uncle who had his heart ballooning surgery CANCELLED?

I love this testimonial because my grandfather died from a heart attack (cardiac arrest) at the young age of 45.

Chinese Businessman

He was a successful businessman with a large and loving family who still misses him dearly today. I never had the chance to meet but I love listening about how much he loved me when I was a toddler.

Shall I tell you about this lucky old man?
On 5 August 2015, a 58-year old man started drinking 4 packs of Izumio Hydrogen water per day.
On 12 August 2015, he went for an angiogram and was informed that he had a hairline crack in an artery.
He also had a hematoma (a blood clot) and needed a heart ballooning surgery. He continued with his medication and his 4 packs of Izumio per day.
On 20 August 2015, the cardiologist did not report an enlarged hematoma or an aneurysm. Best of all? A CT scan revealed that the hairline crack on the artery had healed itself!
Yes, this lucky man drank 4 packs of Izumio Hydrogen Water per day for about a month.
Then, he went in for his check-up and his cardiologist inform him that he didn’t need the heart surgery after all!
If you only you can see how hale and hearty he looked after receiving the good news 🙂
NOTE: I wish that I can show you his photo but we respect our customers’ privacy.
Please share this with anyone you know who is 40+ – you may save someone’s beloved father, husband, brother or grandfather.
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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Truth About Statins: Risks and Alternatives to Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

From an award-winning cardiologist comes the most up-to-date, definitive reference book about statins—cholesterol-lowering drugs—providing a thorough examination of the uses and safety claims of this high-profile class of drugs.


Despite the rosy picture painted in the ads of a miracle cure for high cholesterol and its attendant heart disease, the reality of taking statins may be far less pretty. Dr. Barbara H. Roberts, director of the Women’s Cardiac Center at the Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island, discusses both the benefits and health risks of these popular drugs in this comprehensive guide that finally reveals the questionable science behind the research studies. This honest, patient-friendly appraisal of the most widely used medications in the world may shock you, but it may also save your life. 

Offering clear-cut, easy-to-understand information in an easily accessible fashion, Dr. Roberts explains how to take the best possible care of your heart, including: 

* The keys to maintaining cardiovascular well-being 

* How to interpret your cholesterol numbers 

* The frightening adverse effects of popular drugs 

It is time to take charge of your heart health. Learn the facts behind the hype so that you can make informed decisions on a subject vital to your continued health. If you or someone you love either takes a statin or is considering doing so, you need to read this book. 

 Includes recipes for a delicious and heart-healthy diet, including Wasabi-Roasted Salmon, Pasta with Avocado Sauce, and Lemon-Pineapple Breakfast Muffins.

Hydrogen water for heart problems

Hypertension, stroke and heart disease 

How many people do you know start off with these hypertension drugs e.g. amlodipine and olmesartan?

Unless they change their diet and lifestyle, they'll then have kidney or liver problems... Next, you'll hear that they have diabetes, which affects their eyes, legs and etc!

For the past few years, I’ve been hearing of men aged between 40-45 years old collapsing in cases of “sudden death” while playing badminton, football and other sports.

Besides that, you'll be hearing of men and women going for annual medical check-ups in their mid-30s and soon, doctors will prescribe LDL cholesterol-lowering drugs.

If you're familiar with this story, please read the following articles:
  1. Debunking the science behind cholesterol-lowering levels 
  2. The Cholesterol Myth could be harming your health 
  3. Cholesterol drugs cause cancer? 
  4. Which countries have the highest pill-popping population?

When you look at the countries listed above, you'll notice that most of them are developed countries. 

As we chug ahead with "development", are we sacrificing our health and lifestyle?

I have been researching this question when more and more people around me either fall sick or fall dead.

Another pattern I am seeing is how connected the top 3 diseases are i.e. heart disease, hypertension and diabetes also known as metabolic syndromes.

Water keeps us alive

Think of the rusty pipes in your home – don’t they become blocked and clogged with crap and rust as the years go by?

Did you know that 60% of our bodies is made up of water?
Due to this, we need water to keep our body (specifically our skin, the largest organ) well-hydrated.
Plus, blood is also liquid hence the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water every day.
What’s the quality of the water we’re drinking? Are you sure that you’re drinking clean, mineral-rich water?
Since our blood is liquid, our blood needs to flow freely through every single part of our body to carry oxygen to keep every cell alive.

What about Hydrogen? 

  1. Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe and as a known antioxidant, it is able to penetrate cells at mitochondrial level. 
  2. Our cell DNA contains Hydrogen bonds, which means that Hydrogen already occurs naturally in our body. Remember that water is H2O (H2 + O)?
Hydrogen bonds with free radicals in our body
  1. Hydrogen rich water is essential to building good, healthy cells since they bond with free radicals derived from oxygen and attack 
  • proteins (our muscles), 
  • lipids (our fats) and 
  • DNA to stablize themselves.
With hydrogen rich water, like Izumio, the Hydrogen bonds with the free radicals, are deactivated and become water H + O2 = H2O, which is elimated from our bodies in the form of urine.
Izumio is basically mineral water with a remarkably high hydrogen dissolution rate of 2.6 ppm.
Where conventional medicine has not worked, Hydrogen water has succeeded.
Please share this with anyone you know who is 40+ – you may save someone’s beloved father, husband, brother or grandfather.

For more info about Izumio hydrogen water, call/text/WhatsApp at Tel: +6012-9122 436. You can also email me iamsupermum[@]gmail[dot]com

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Have you tried Hydrogen water for Eczema and Skin Allergies?

I started drinking IZUMIO hydrogen-rich mineral water when I had muscle fatigue last year but I had not really appreciated this "power pack" until my son got the worst ever skin allergy in July 2016.

Antibiotics or steroids only. No, thank you.

I brought him to 3 doctors who gave 3 different diagnoses until a dermatologist confirmed it. Her solution? She wanted to put him on 1 month of antibiotics!

Are you nuts?

Almost everyone is getting educated about the misuse and overuse of antibiotics (effective only for bacteria/fungi/parasites) and here's a medical physician prescribing antibiotics for a skin allergy (autoimmune, right??? NOT bacteria/fungi/parasite)?

Eating clean  

I wanted to get to the root of the problem so I started off with an elimination diet i.e. sticking to basic, whole foods in order to identify the allergen. He started eating clean

Seeing as how IZUMIO has worked for kids with eczema, I decided to give him 1 pack of IZUMIO per day to help with the detox. 

I also splashed them onto his body - he loved it as he said that it felt cool.

Flare-up after eating 1 tbs of virgin coconut oil

When the skin condition became worse (especially after a dose of virgin coconut oil), it's seriously the GREATEST test of my patience and sanity as a Mum.  

I was encouraged to increase the IZUMIO to 2 packs per day and with a bit of trepidation, I gave it to him (Note that I was drinking 3 packs per day for my arm problem). 

Thanks be to God! His skin took a turn for the better and soon, we noticed the angry red spots calming down and his soft smooth skin showing itself again. Phew!

If you (or your child has eczema or any skin problem), I strongly encourage you to try IZUMIO Hydrogen water.

Healing from within

Recently, I introduced IZUMIO Hydrogen water to another mum whose kids have eczema too.

That mummy was surprised at how quickly the skin heals after drinking IZUMIO Hydrogen water because she showed how her child's open wounds closed up and flat new skin appeared in about 2 weeks. She ordered another box from me :)

If you're looking to treat eczema with NO antibiotics and NO steroids, please consider IZUMIO. I'll be happy to help you on your healing journey.

Just email me at iamsupermum[at]gmail[dot][com]