Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shellfish and skin allergy again

I have been really busy (what else is new?) the past 2 weeks mainly with spring cleaning the apartment, packing away newborn clothing, selling off baby stuff I didn't need and also shopping for food for my 6 month old :D

Not to mention the regular errands like running to the bank, running to the post office, running to meet up with old friends, running to pump petrol (or calling up the car insurance agent when the engine wouldn't start!) and of course, doing a bit of work.

All this running around, diaper duty and waking up at nights made me lose 6 kgs over a course of 3 months. Am I happy or what? Of course I am, especially as I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and most of my tops again ;-)

Unfortunately, all that happiness made me forget that I was a breastfeeding Mum with kids who have eczema and food allergies. Remember my earlier post on the girl's reaction to Mummy having sushi?

Last week, I had ONE moment of weakness (or forgetfulness) and I thought I'd have char koay teow (stir fried rice noodles with prawns, egg and cockles) for breakfast and decided to just eat the miserly 2-3 tiny cockles...

Now, I don't like cockles and I usually ask the hawker to hold them. I have no idea what happened to me that morning - guess I was just too tired or hot. Yesterday morning, I noticed a familiar sign of eczema on my little girl's smooth forehead and started racking my brains:
"Is the babysitter cooking Chinese porridge with scallops?" "Is it the Stage 2 milk formula she just started with?" "Did I eat clams recently?"
While interrogating the babysitter on what she was cooking each day for the little girl, I was mentally (and physically counting out the days on my fingers) running through my meals the past few days.

EUREKA! The eczema was due to the breast milk I'd frozen on Friday and fed to the little girl on Monday. And yup, Friday was the darn day I ate those darn cockles.

Sheesh... Luckily, it was just one tiny spot of eczema but still it stood out. It wasn't as bad as the baby acne breakout she experienced a few months back when I even *contemplated* looking for acne body wash lotions just to see her baby smooth skin again.

Don't you think this Mummy needs some spa treatments or shopping sprees just to relax and breathe again?

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dress You Up in My Love

Remember this song by Madonna? Now that she is 6.2 kg (yippee!!!) and will be starting solids soon (yeah!!! back to the kitchen, Mummy!) I am happy today :D

The little 'angel' is looking rosier and prettier by the day - putting a lot of pressure on Mummy to look more like her mother and less like her maid LOL

She still gives us a lot of trouble in the evenings when she comes home - she wants Mummy ONLY. And the boy wants Mummy ONLY. So, Mummy has to speed-bathe the boy and then take on the girl -_-

She's been rolling and rolling all over the bed that I've had to buy a bed guard and block the other end with stacked pillows. Looking at her speed-roll, I believe she's going to be EVEN MORE ACTIVE than the boy! Seriously!

God help us with these two little monsters. Looking at his pretty daughter (who can turn on the charm now), Hubby has only this say,
"She's going to a Convent school!"
Hahahahaha. Little does he know that Convent schoolgirls are "bad-der", don't you think? ;-)

Anyway, it's really fun to dress her up because she looks really pretty! And she loves the camera or at least, she's used to Mummy snapping, snapping, snapping away LOL

Most importantly, I thank God that she's a healthy baby. That both my babies are healthy. That everyone is healthy.

Why am I suddenly jabbering on about health? My whole family was down with the WORST case of food poisoning last week that we had a fever, diarrhea and vomiting - my Mum and I even blacked out once!

I was sooooooo drained and weak, I had to get one of them to accompany me to drop the kids off and call the teachers etc to come to the car to take them. Terrible, right?

Thank God that's over. We're so paranoid about eating salads served in restaurants now. It has to be the salad because the boy doesn't eat greens and was luckily spared. Can't imagine if he got it too.

Interestingly, Hubby didn't feel a thing - or even if he did, he told me he's so busy at work, he wouldn't even know he is sick. Men.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Shiny, glittery lovelies! The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Since I started selling used children's books, I've come across many, many cute books and one of them is "The Rainbow Fish" series by Marcus Pfister, which is about a little fish who learns about friendship and sharing.

I like this series of books because each book comes with shiny, foil paper that just entices kids to get more involved in the act of reading by touching and feeling the pages of the book.

Now that I've started reading to the baby girl, I find that she is also attracted by the shiny, glittery pages :D

Happy Reading!