Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Big Pancake by Ladybird

Now that our toddler can "read" picture books with single words on his own, sing a few nursery rhymes and also enjoys listening to stories, I am introducing story books. Looking around Borders, I was happy to find "Big Pancake (Ladybird Tales Mini)" (Popular seemed to have limited titles). 

Since Borders was having a "buy 3 free 1" offer for the Ladybird Keyword Reading Scheme books, I was happy to get 3 books for him for only RM7.43 each (nearly 25% discount)!

This classic story under the "Ladybird tales" collection is about a mother who makes a big pancake for her 7 hungry little boys. However, the pancake decides it doesn't want to be eaten. The pancake JUMPS off the frying pan and off it goes in search of freedom!

Of course, the toddler (one of whose favourite snacks are pancakes) loved the story when I read about the mother baking his favourite pancake, the hungry little boys and the pancake running away...

Although I'd found other classic stories like "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Hansel and Gretel (Well Loved Tales)", "Puss in Boots", and "Elves and the Shoemaker" which would interest little boys, he seemed to like the storyline and illustrations in "The Big Pancake" the most. 

Maybe he's not ready for these stories yet... The story was exciting, full of action and familiar enough to hold his attention. The illustrations were vivid, descriptive and closely tied to the plot. The repetitive sentences also helped him join in the reading.

This Ladybird book seems to have updated graphics - the colours are richer and the people and objects seemed to have a more textured feel to them. See the Ladybird book on the left with the older pictures? It's the 1982 edition :D

What's best about Ladybird books is that they only cost RM9.90 each (15% discount for Citibank card holders) and kids can read them all the way until they are 7 years old :-)