Friday, 31 March 2006

I am not well...

Just when my days of adjusting to this noisy world and the quirky people in it begin to take hold, I'm now not well. Papa and Mummy were very excited to see me gaining ground slowly as the weeks go by.

I feed about every 3 hours during the day and in between, I spend time looking, smiling and responding to Mum's face as she talks and sings to me. When evening falls, I definitely do not want to be in the spring cot and will demand to be taken into the room to feed and sleep on the bed. That's my favorite spot coz I can sleep for 4-5 hours there, even forgetting to wake up for my milk-milk he he =)

Even bath times are fun now coz no rough and loud auntie but Grandma or Mummy who chats with me and gently but methodically make sure that every inch is clean. I smell really good after a bath!

Unfortunately, the days are getting colder and rainfall is more frequent. Mum dresses me up in long sleeves and pants and wrap me up snugly yet I sneeze even when I'm in the hall with all the doors and windows closed.

At night, even with the room door closed and the fan switched off, my nose still gets stuffy and I wake up many times as the phlegm bugs me then and I find it hard to swallow. I can still feel the cold, night wind seep in through the windows.

Papa and Mummy have sleepless nights again.After the third day and with no improvement, Papa and Mummy decide to bundle me off back home to Grandma's place again where it is always hot and stuffy.

They are very worried about this phlegm as I also have some eczema on my eyebrows - indicators which are linked to asthma. Papa had asthma when he was a baby too but the doctor said that with care, they can prevent me from developing it.

Mummy is most fearful of having to bring me to the hospital to suck the phlegm out...thank God the nice doctor said I'm still too tiny for such a drastic measure.

My Mama and Kung Kung (paternal grandparents) have given Mum some more tips on how to care for me since they did the same for Papa when he was small. Of course, even with all this fuss about me, I still smile and gurgle to Mum, oblivious to all the fuss & worry about me. Sigh! The innocence of babes.

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