Sunday, 19 February 2017

World Health Organization child growth standards

Do you know your child's height and weight?

When my kids were babies, we used to bring them into the pediatrician's office or the Klinik Kesihatan for their regular check-ups (head circumference, height and weight) but once they start primary school, who is charting their growth progress?

This year, my daughter had to note down her height and weight for her science homework under the KSSR programme.

One thing I notice about my daughter (and previously son) is how much weight they'd lose once they start Year 1. Check out her height and weight measurements:

2016 - 6 years old

- Height - 115 cm - 50th percentile for height - she's the shortest in her class of 25 kids
- Weight - 16.3 kg - lower 15th percentile for weight - 3.7 kg underweight. 50th percentile - 20 kg. 

She had been going to the clinic a couple of times for fevers and coughs. A nice GP pointed out that she's a bit on the skinny side and took her measurements.

Then, she explained to me that my baby girl is underweight.

As a busy working Mom, I do complain to Hubby that I miss the days when I was a housewife and could comfortably prepare healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for my kids because I do not like taking them to see the doctor.

The doctor's confirmation was a wake-up call and I decided to plan my time well to cook dinner 3 times a week. I am also now ensuring that my little girl eats a good breakfast like the ones she used to have when she was a toddler:

2017 - 7 years old

- Height - 118 cm - 50th percentile for height - she's the 2nd shortest in her class of 35 kids
- Weight - 19.5 kg - lower 15th percentile for weight - 3 kg underweight. 50th percentile - 22.5 kg. 

Growth reference charts:

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