Friday, 11 September 2009

My favourite celebrity hairstyles

Last week, I went for a haircut and my hairstylist remarked on how healthy my hair is now that I no longer straighten it :-) When she asked what she should do with it, I wondered if it's time I grew it long again. She laughed and said,
"You're gonna have a baby and you wanna go for a long hairstyle now? Your hair's so thick - how are you gonna survive the confinement? Take care of the kid firstlah then leave it long later!"
Sigh...even Hubby tells me the same thing. Since I can't have my long hair now, can I dream about hairstyles I'd love to have in the future?


During my uni days, I sported this hairstyle but I hardly let it loose and long like Cindy, simply because it's too hot to do so in Malaysia!

I usually wore it in a ponytail, twisted around a scrunchie or in a French braid.

When I was working, I wore it in an updo most of the time using a chopstick. Most people thought I looked rather severe in the updo probably because I didn't have a fringe...

Anyway, Hubby loves this hairstyle because my hair is left naturally wavy and thick. The nicest comment I ever got for it is that I looked like Cindy Crawford. Wah...

Actually, he doesn't really care as long as I'm happy with my hairstyle and don't whine about it. Of course, he made sure there was as much distance as possible between me and guy who said I looked like Cindy Crawford hahaha.

Cindy Crawford is now 43 and she still looks as good as ever. I should find that guy who said I looked like her and ask him if he STILL thinks I look like her! I think he may be too scared to answer that questions now...


I *really* love this hairstyle because it's chic, stylish and ultra low maintenance.

My hairstylist thinks I can carry off this hairstyle because my squarish face is kind of like hers, except that I've got more fat around the cheeks and chin now!

I'm really tempted to go for it when I'm up for a trim in the next few months.

The question is: do I dare hack it all off??? Too short and I'll look like Sinead O'Connor.


I really loved the late Natasha Richardson's elegant wavy hairstyle in that hit "The Parent Trap" she co-starred with Lindsay Lohan.

Don't you think she looked gorgeous when Lindsay Lohan first meets her Mum and the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun" plays in the background? I felt really sorry for Liam Neeson and his boys when she died recently from a skiing accident.

This hairstyle looks really low maintenance and my hairstylist says that my wavy hair MAY just be able to cut it. But I don't have Natasha's fine bone structure or blonde hair colour! One can dream, can't I?


Tiffani Amber Thiessen's old hairstyle looks do-able because my face is as broad as hers. I also like how casual the look is especially for a lazy Mum like me!

The long fringe is a potential problem - sometimes, my wavy hair tends to curl slightly there, which would totally spoil the smooth look.

Plus, I couldn't be walking around with one of my eye partially covered, right? I will either end up tucking the fringe behind my ear or walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

In case you're not sure what a French braid is, here's a photo on the left.

Do you know that I can do a French braid on myself? If I have any secret talents, this is one of it ;-)

I love French braiding any girls' long hair and will certainly enjoy doing it on my own little girl later.

Knowing how DIFFICULT it is to manage and maintain thick and wavy hair, I pray that she will not inherit this from me.

For her sake and mine, I really, really, really hope that she'll get her Papa's dead straight hair!

Okay, question time: for those who have met me, WHICH hairstyle do you think suits me the most???

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