Thursday, 29 December 2016

No heart surgery needed

Whenever anyone asks about Izumio testimonials, I love sharing about an old Uncle who had his heart ballooning surgery CANCELLED?

I love this testimonial because my grandfather died from a heart attack (cardiac arrest) at the young age of 45.

Chinese Businessman

He was a successful businessman with a large and loving family who still misses him dearly today. I never had the chance to meet but I love listening about how much he loved me when I was a toddler.

Shall I tell you about this lucky old man?
On 5 August 2015, a 58-year old man started drinking 4 packs of Izumio Hydrogen water per day.
On 12 August 2015, he went for an angiogram and was informed that he had a hairline crack in an artery.
He also had a hematoma (a blood clot) and needed a heart ballooning surgery. He continued with his medication and his 4 packs of Izumio per day.
On 20 August 2015, the cardiologist did not report an enlarged hematoma or an aneurysm. Best of all? A CT scan revealed that the hairline crack on the artery had healed itself!
Yes, this lucky man drank 4 packs of Izumio Hydrogen Water per day for about a month.
Then, he went in for his check-up and his cardiologist inform him that he didn’t need the heart surgery after all!
If you only you can see how hale and hearty he looked after receiving the good news đŸ™‚
NOTE: I wish that I can show you his photo but we respect our customers’ privacy.
Please share this with anyone you know who is 40+ – you may save someone’s beloved father, husband, brother or grandfather.
For more info about Izumio hydrogen water, email me at coolkittycat2006[at]gmail[dot]com

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