Sunday, 4 September 2016

IZUMIO water for skin

Recently, our son had the worst skin allergy ever (worse than his childhood eczema) because red spots appeared on his body and then worked their way outwards to his arms and legs. 

Thank God that they were NOT itchy and he had NO fever. 

The worse thing was to have 3 doctors coming up with 3 different diagnoses:

One doctor diagnosed them as bed bugs,
The second doctor saw them as chicken pox and gave him TWO WEEKS of medical leave. 
Finally, a third doctor ruled out chicken pox and prescribed antihistamines since I noticed a slight itch. 


For me, it has been a few harrowing weeks because we had to determine if it was contagious (thankfully, it's not) because he'd have to be out of school for weeks!

I put him on an elimination diet (or rather a clean eating diet) that consisted of: 
  1. brown rice, 
  2. bone broth, 
  3. fish, 
  4. lots of fruits and vegetables and 
  5. plain yoghurt flavoured with dried fruit and honey. 

IZUMIO Hydrogen water

I am thankful that I have my stock of IZUMIO water because I gave him a pack a day and then increased it to two packs a day. 

I also give him a spa treatment and he sighs because he says that the IZUMIO water feels cool on his skin. 

After two months, the red spots dried up and cleared and all of us are glad to see his smooth skin coming back.  

IZUMIO Hydrogen mineral water has been highly effective for eczema and psoriasis  

I'd managed his baby eczema and I know the damaging effects of steroid creams on his skin thus I did not want to go down that road again. 

All the three doctors, including a dermatologist, prescribed antibiotics and cortisteroids or steroid creams. I was hospitalized earlier this year and I knew the side effects of antibiotics so no way would I agree to one month of antibiotics. This is not a bacteria infection!

If you're looking to detox your body for eczema or other skin-related condition, do consider IZUMIO Hydrogen mineral water. 

You can email me at coolkittycat2006[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll be happy to share with you our experiences. 

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