Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Week 28 - Welcome to the Third Trimester!

Welcome to the 3rd trimester

It's hard to believe that I'm now in the 28th week of pregnancy - time has really flown by and we've got to prepare for labor and delivery soon. I'm in a half-and-half situation now where I'm sorry that it has been so fast but also excited that we're going to see the baby soon.

It's weird but I actually miss the early days of seeing the little "bean" grow through the ultrasound scan, to the surprise of seeing a baby form later and also the first little flutters and sensations. At the same time with the delivery date crouching nearer and nearer, the fears and worries of D-day are beginning to take on very realistic forms too.

Firstly, I am very surprised by the change from the 2nd trimester to the 3rd as I can literally feel my energy levels dropping gradually, the weight of the baby increasing and the accompanying strain on my ankles and spine.

I'm really glad we got all the house stuff out of the way before all these changes took place. Initially, I could cope with standing to prepare and cook a meal but now I've got to do them sitting down, which is good anyway since I read that standing for long periods may trigger a premature delivery.

The fun part though is that the baby is now actively rockin' and rollin' in my stomach - his punches and kicks are more energetic and forceful now and a new sensation is his rolling around inside.

It's really weird and I felt the urge to hold my stomach when he did that initially as it's quite a big movement sort of like a cement mixer turning around! And he doesn't seem to mind Papa's hand anymore coz he still goes on with his kicking and punching business regardless of whose hand it is or he's finally buddied up to him.

Another cute (though initially scary) development is that sometimes his position ends up with his hand or leg appearing as a little bump on my stomach. When that happened initially, I was surprised to feel a bump and rubbed it gently, asking him if it's his little hand or leg. I was quite glad when he shifted again and the bump disappeared coz I felt that he was stuck in some ways. Phew!

I asked Dr about it and he assured me that it was alright. Good news is that he's now in the cephalic position (head down) though it'll be another 6 weeks before he settles down in his final position. I keep telling him to be a good boy and to swim down and not up ---- I hope he can understand half the nonsense his Mum tells him.

Another piece of good news is that Dr will be on call during the Chinese New Year week! This is a major relief off my shoulders as I couldn't bear the thought of being delivered by a totally different and strange doctor after seeing this kindly, familiar one for months.
Of course Dr Ng himself was quite sad about this as he planned to go away with his family but he was quite smiley when he told me about it and probably got frightened when I exploded on him.
I felt so bad about being happy that we plan to give him a nice little homey Christmas hamper as a sign of thanks and appreciation. Hopefully, my good-intentioned baking plans will turn out decent...

BABY NOTES: Your third trimester is starting, which means both you and your baby are in the homestretch! With his eyesight maturing, your baby can actually see light through the womb and will even turn toward a light now. You may start experiencing more uncomfortable symptoms, like restless legs that make it hard to sleep at night. Soon you'll see why it's all worth it, though! And if you haven't already, it's time to nail down your maternity leave plans.

Your baby weighs approximately 2.4 pounds and is about 10 inches from crown to rump, or a little under 16 inches from head to toe. He or she has been gaining weight steadily during the past 27 weeks as its stem cells develop into organs, blood and immune systems, and bones. From this point forward, your baby's weight gain will be due to increasing amounts of body fat. A quick way to predict your baby's birth weight is to average your husband's and your birth weights.

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