Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Setting Up the Study Room

Initially, our guest room had a double bed, a small writing table and an alcove.

However, our gracious guests said that we should fully utilize the room instead of confining it to a once-a-year guest room. And so we did just that!

For the past few weekends, the Hubs and I have been busy moving, organizing and reorganizing the furniture, books and toys in The Study, in preparation for the school year ahead.

Currently, here's the writing desk in it: South Shore Study Table Desk Furniture (White)

Then, we bought 2 of these stackable bookshelves for the children's books, papers and files. The home printer is also placed on them:

Finally, we arranged all "art and craft" related materials into these Art Bin Store-In-Drawer Cabinet, Translucent:
Well, not every piece of furniture is so perfectly color-coordinated but we're happy with the outcome because one person can peacefully carry on with work while the kids do their homework or napping on the bed.

Next up: We'll need to arrange the children's books into this other bookshelf, which the preschooler could easily reach. Still wondering where's that cosy corner for quiet reading :)

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