Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lutein for Eye Health

Hello! Do you remember how my Lutein supplements eased my menstrual cramps?

Now that I have a chance to blog, I'd like to share with you my experience with Lutein on my eyes.

Dry, red eyes

Although I'm a bookworm, I pride myself in avoiding glasses by taking extremely good care of my eyes (and my children's eyes). I read in well-lit places and I think I've fared well all these years.

Blue light on computers, iPhone and iPads

Things changed when I had to do a lot of work on the computer and of course, the iPhone.

 After 1-2 hours on the PC or having to plough through paperwork, I emerged with dry, irritable red eyes although I eat carrots and other red/yellow coloured vegetables on a regular basis.

Check out my kitchen when I was on the "real food challenge in 2012": Then, I went back to the article on fruits and vegetables and guess what:

Lutein for Eye Problems

When a lot of friends started blogging about it, I was curious because I had no idea what Super Lutein is.

Then, I discovered that Lutein is a phytonutrient (plant-based nutrient) that helps in protecting our eyes, boost immunity and supports healthy skin, tissues and blood.

No wonder my eyes were feeling poorly from all that reading and working on the computer.

 We have been eating broccoli, cucumbler, spinach and lettuce but at most TWO servings per day.

That's when I appreciate the fact that 3 soft gel capsules of Super Lutein, I get:
- FOUR servings of fruits and
- FIVE servings of vegetables from 6 colours of fruits and vegetables.

What happened after I started the Lutein?

In the first week, I started on a 1 capsule x 3 times a day but didn't feel anything spectacular.

In the second week, I increased my dosage to 2 capsules x 3 times a day (6 capsules) and that was when I felt the positive effects after about 2 weeks.
First, I experienced a lot of gunk (dry crust and then, thicker mucus?) coming out of my eyes for a few days. 
After that, my eyes felt comfortable and moist, which I didn’t feel after using eye drops (prescription or over-the-counter ones). The best part is that I had:
  • NO dry, red eyes after a bout of reading.
  • NO dry, red eyes after sleeping in an air-conditioned room.
A month later, I was pleased to experience freedom from menstrual cramps and the expulsion of a lot of blood clots!
If you're having eye problems that no doctor nor diet seem to help, call/text +6012 9122 436 or email iamsupermum[at]gmail[dot]com

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