Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Allergic to peanuts?

Our son has allergies plus asthma and eczema episodes (wheezing and starting an inhaler on 21 Aug 2010), breaking out in hives (8 Oct 2011) and an asthma attack on 1 Dec 2012).

We've got him tested and found out that he's allergic to dust, egg white and food colouring.

Due to this, I'm quite particular about his food intake, especially food colouring - he's quite good at reading ingredient labels and reviewing if it's a "healthy" snack or not. Of course, he sneaks in some forbidden fruit sometimes.

A Dust Allergy

For the past few weeks, he's been having a chronic cough, which the paediatrician diagnosed as a dust allergy and he was prescribed the 3 usual suspects: Rhinatiol, Ventolin syrup and Polaramine syrup (he's had these when he was 4+). He also got a nasal spray called Oxy-nase (Oxymetazoline HCL). 

At the same time, I've been trying to clear all the food stocks we have, namely a few bags of pistachio. The kids and I ate these as snacks a few evenings and didn't think anything about it. Then, the kid spotted some peanut candy at the supermarket and asked for them. I obliged since it's once in a blue moon.

Later, we had a family gathering at a Chinese restaurant and steamed peanuts were offered as an appetizer. The kids loved them and helped themselves since we had to wait for other guests to arrive.


Coughing, coughing, coughing

Hubby noticed that he coughed non-stop the whole night after that - I was perplexed too because he was OK the whole day (I'd ask if he'd coughed in school) and then he'll have a coughing fit in the evening.

Since the only new foods he's had were the pistachios and peanuts, we suspected a nut allergy. We stopped them immediately, to his dismay, as he actually enjoyed these nuts :-(

Image Source: "What is anaphylaxis (First Aid Course)" by First Aid Brisbane

Benadryl Dosage for anaphylaxis (from Forest Lane Pediatrics, Dallas, TX)

- NOTE - *Antihistamines & inhalers/bronchodilators are not to be depended upon to treat a severe reaction (anaphylaxis).

(Googling this up, I found this Voice of America article about increasing numbers of allergies in developed countries.)

Thankfully, his cough is getting better this week, albeit with 7.5 ml x 3 doses of Prospan syrup, Bricanyl (terbutaline sulphate), Polaramine syrup (Dexchlorpheniramine). He despised the Polaramine syrup because it's a generic brand.

I'm keeping close tabs of his well-being again since he's had to take so much drugs in the past month!
To counter the nasty side effects of the doctor's medicines, I've been boiling soups and cooking home-cooked food ALMOST every day - Mummy is tired :P

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