Friday, 24 October 2014

Optimus Prime - Age of Extinction

Now that the finals are over, our son asked to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen starring Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox again today. I was surprised that he's interested in Transformers again because he had been into Lego, b-Daman and the Rainbow Loom this year...
Anyway, he took out his Optimus Prime figurine (a gift he received when he was 5, which was in storage due to its fragility) and started browsing YouTube videos to figure out how to transform it into a truck. He watched two videos but then he fiddled with the mechanisms and finally figure it out himself :)

I'm always amazed at how good he is with mechanical stuff especially at how PATIENT he is. He doesn't give up easily and he will try and try and try until he can get it right. Very unlike me or his little sister who would probably chuck poor Optimus Prime into the corner in a huff LOL

A few days ago, he asked me if he may use his pocket money to buy himself the Transformers "Age of Extinction" Generations Leader Class Optimus Prime Figure: He told me that he'd seen it in a YouTube video and wanted to have it very much because it was a fun figure to transform and etc.

Although it's something I would get for Christmas or his birthday, which is next year, I am thinking of getting it earlier because: i) he surprised us (and himself) with excellent scores in his exams and ii) he has been working hard at school these past few years, it'd be nice for him to enjoy playing with Optimus Prime during the school holidays.

For the past few days, he and his little sister had been having a lo of fun together with the current Optimus Prime. Although he initially objected to her tucking the mighty Optimus into a PINK bed, reading bedtime stories to and getting a lot of TLC, he has graciously agreed to keeping him as a figure for her although he likes the truck mode too.

Both the kids have been quite good with their toys, especially Optimus Prime, with his many, many, many interlocking parts, this Mummy is quite happy to buy them another Transformer :)

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