Friday, 26 July 2013

Three and A Half

Last weekend, we went to the mall and we passed a shop selling brightly coloured candy. I think it's "Sticky Candy".

The toddler, who was strapped into her stroller, piped up, "I want lollipop! I want candy! I waaaaaaaaaant, I waaaaaaaaaant..."


"I waaaaant, Mommy, I waaaaaaant..."

"I said 'no'..."

To quieten her, her elder brother quickly asked, "Which candy do you want? I'll buy you candy for your birthday, ok?" She nodded and said, "I want candy. I want lollipop."

Her brother asked her: "Which one do you want? I don't have so much money, ok. I can only buy you ONE."


Listening to this conversation between the kids made me realize how much my little girl has grown these past 6 months:

1. Most of the time, she can accept the word "NO" without crying or screaming or throwing herself on the ground :D

2. She has learned to share - read this update.

3. She can do a lot of things on her own i.e. put on her clothes, carry her backpack, walk to the kindergarten herself (although either her daddy or I will always accompany her right to the front door) and even climb up the loo hehehe

4. She had ditched both the milk and water bottles early on since she was 2 and a half or so. She prefers drinking from a cup.

5. She is getting better at putting her toys away...

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