Thursday, 20 June 2013

Stinky Pork

Now that I am slowly going back to work, I have only been able to go to wet market on weekends :) Last week, I tried a new pork stall at the wet market around our area - I bought a huge hunk of fat for my home-made lard, pork ribs and some pork belly as I was craving for pork with dark soy sauce. The butcher had chosen a really nice cut of pork fat for me as the lard rendered turned out beautifully :) The pork ribs were OK too. However, the pork belly was a totally different story! I was going to and from the car with bags and bags of food and groceries plus bags of old children's clothes I wanted to give away when the electrician decided to show up. When we entered the apartment, a strong STENCH of pork hit us in the face. I was like, "UGH!" Now, I've never fancied pork as a child but my mum marinades it in such a way that I don't get a whiff of Mr. Porky. When we moved to China, pork was everywhere that I had no choice but to cook it, eat it and also feed it to the family. I'm still learning how to choose a good cut of pork - I just go by instinct i.e. if it's a bright, nice shade of red, I'll buy it. The pork belly showed all signs of being OK thus I was horrified by how awful it smelled! My mum tried to salvage the dish by adding ginger to it - a few hours later, the smell went off. At dinner time, my mum and the kids ate the pork without any comment but the minute I took a bite, I spat it out. Somehow, it had that awful, stinky pork taste. I also scraped it off the kids' rice bowls. I am still puzzled about it but I will definitely talk to the butcher about this.

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