Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Funny Girl

My little girl is a real clown. She's also very naughty but many times, I burst out laughing even though I am on the verge of spanking her. Here are some funny moments I recall (I must note down more!):

Last year, I was nagging my son about doing his homework at the last minute - he told me there was none. To my horror, I found homework in Math, Chinese and English at around 8 pm. During my tirade, the toddler sat quietly beside her brother.

When I turned to look at her, she shrugged her shoulders and said, "I have no homework." Hahaha, I had to laugh because it looked as if she was defending herself!


One evening, I was busy blogging while her brother was busy building blocks or reading a book.

The toddler marched up to me, folded her arms, stared stonily on the ground and announced: "I'm so angry." I laughed and frowned, "You're angry?" She replied, "I'm not happy." She pouted for emphasis.

Tweaking her chubby cheeks, I asked, "Aww...why are you so angry?" I knotted up my eyebrows and frowned at her.

The cheeky girl burst out laughing, gave me two peace signs and yelled: "I'm HAPPY!!!"

I think she'll be a good cheerleader.


She's a real chatterbox and I have trouble keeping her quiet in church.

Once, she was singing a song and clapping her hands when an usher told me to keep her quiet. She seemed to realize that she'd done something wrong and immediately sang and clapped softly.

Maybe the usher gestured or said something to her because she was looking behind me then. Guess what? She sang and clapped LOUDER THAN EVER!

I forgot what I did or maybe the usher frowned at her or something because she went back to singing and clapping quietly. Anyway, she did it with a cheeky glint in her eye. I know she's going to be a trouble maker.

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