Friday, 18 February 2011

Day 4 - Toddler with chicken pox

The tot's chicken pox developed like normal and most of the vesicles are drying up well.

Despite the 10 deg C, I felt that it's better to give her a warm bath every alternate day (and wipe downs on the days she doesn't bathe) to keep her clean and comfortable.

Here are the pimples all over her poor tummy:

Here's what I'm worried about now:

Can you see the blister under her left eye?

Today, it's a bit swollen and I believe it's infected because while the rest of the crusted vesicles are drying up and shrinking, this area is swelling. Taking her to the hospital now.

Sigh, wish me luck as I battle with the 100s of frantic Chinese bringing their screaming babies.

God knows how the antibiotics will be administered because she's getting "scratchy" now. I hope I get an English-speaking Chinese like I did the last time! (Almost impossible)

  • We were driven there by a taxi driver drove to the hospital as fast as he can. He even made a Michael Schumacher-like reverse when I said I wanted to go to the "Emergency" section instead of the "Outpatient" section. Expensive taxi fare but heroic :D
  • There were only 3 patients (compared to the 20 over the last time I went there) e.g. a guy lying on a gurney.
  • After her temperature and weight were taken, we met with a young doctor. Thankfully, she could speak a bit of English i.e. medical terms, name of medicines and she had a state-of-the-art database, which was bilingual! Phew. I must bring her back if she has a fever.
  • We were given generic brands of Aciclovir (OTC) topical cream for the chicken pox and Fusidic acid (OTC) topical cream as anti-bacterial for the skin infection. I need to apply the cream 2x a day and that calamine lotion is not necessary.
a) Read this e-How article on Aciclovir topical cream. This article states that aciclovir (under the brand name "Zovirax" does not work on chicken pox.)
- When we came back, I gave her a warm bath and applied the Aciclovir cream on all the spots. Noticed that they were redder compared to when I applied calamine lotion only. I decided not apply a second round.

b) Fusidic acid turns out to be a steroid-based cream, which is similar to Elomet, another steroid-based cream used to treat eczema. Both are not for long-term use. I was told that it's an "anti-bacterial cream" but I recall seeing the words "antibiotic" on her computer screen. This e-How article states:
Be sure to complete your entire round of antibiotic ointment, and do not discontinue your fusidic acid therapy earlier than the amount of time prescribed, as this could lead to further infection and resistant forms of the bacteria.
I was given a 5 mg tube - am I supposed to use it all up??? That sounds crazy.

However, this article states that: - "Consult your doctor if any infection spreads, or if after seven days of treatment with this medicine there is little or no improvement in your symptoms, as you may need to stop using this medicine or take a course of antibiotics by mouth." and - "the use of Fusidic acid cream should not exceed 2 weeks."

In conclusion, I will only apply the Fusidic acid cream on the infected area until next Friday and see how it goes. 

As she was comfortable for the past 3 days with her bath routine, I'll continue with it:

1. Warm bath with bath oil. Pat dry with towel. 2. Pat soothing oatmeal-based lotion all over her body. She loves it! She'll also use her hands to go "pat, pat, pat" :D

3. Dab patches of calamine lotion on all the drying scabs.

She's also on a bland, soft and strange diet:

1. No beans, no wheat, which means no bread or biscuits! Only rice and rice-based products.

2. No chicken, eggs or fish. Lean pork is OK for soups.

3. Lots of soups, fruit juices (excluding orange and tomato) and some coconut water.

4. No pumpkin? 5. Soft fruits like banana, plums (very expensive!!!) and kiwi fruit.

She loves fruit and I'm sure she misses her favourite, oranges. I will find other types of fruits for her maybe honeydew melon.

My poor little "foodie". What a way to turn 15 months old.

I hope that she gets well soon and can enjoy her favourite "mum-mums" again!

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