Monday, 14 June 2010

She is 7 months old…

Checking the 7 - 12 months old milestone chart on BabyCenter , she can:
  1. Sit without support momentarily but she's still quite shaky. I think her brother was more steady. Because of this, she can only sit on her own comfortable in smaller-sized highchairs e.g. IKEA's Antilop.
  2. Drag objects towards herself - she's especially fast when she sees her big brother's toys LOL And he'll come yelling, "Bu ke yi! Bu ke yi! Zhe ge bu shi hao chi de dong xi!" (No! No! These are not delicious things to eat!). She's getting dangerous because today, she wanted to pull the wires off the DVD player and she gave a good hard last yank when she saw Hubby coming towards her! We need to look into serious baby-proofing around the place.
  3. Lunge forward - She can move around in circles in the blink of an eye and she moves backwards mostly. And she'll get stuck under the sofa or under any low-lying furniture and starts to yell!
  4. Jabbers or combines syllables -

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