Thursday, 21 January 2010

How to entertain a 2 month old baby

Now that our girl is 2 months old, she spends quite a bit of time staying awake. In fact, she's very, very active and alert (already noted by ob-gyn at Week 23) Besides breastfeeding, taking a morning bath and an evening wipe-down, there is little else in routine tasks to keep her entertained!

At first, I didn't know what to do with her and I realize that I'm such a lousy stay-at-home-Mother LOL Her Grandma is more patient with her but I need to give my mum a bit of rest too. Since the confinement lady left, this Mother has had to think of ways to entertain her baby girl.

Here's what I do: 1. Prop her up on my knees and talk to her. She loves to see the leaves moving on the trees, the sky and any birds chirping outside the bedroom window.

2. Sing some nursery rhymes. On good days, she'll allow action songs e.g. "If You're Happy", "I'm a Little Teapot" and "Hokey-Pokey". On other days, she just wants the American Idol. Or I'll just sing anything that comes into my head!

3. Take her out to check the mailbox or say hello to some neighbours! Of course, her beautiful big eyes make people smile. And she smiles back :-)

4. Put her in her cot and turn on the Winnie-the-Pooh mobile.She loves watching the mobile gently turn around and will watch Winnie the Pooh "chase" his honey pot around for some time. I just *love* the mobile because it was handed to me by one of my aunts who had used it with her 3 kids. Even my son used to love it when he was a baby. Sigh.

5. Babywearing!!! Once, I put her in the Mothercare 2-way carrier and walked around the block but since she hasn't got strong head control yet, it's not very fun looking at Mum's chest...

6. Lecture her as she sits in her bouncer. We can actually have a "dialogue" because she'll respond (with cute smiles) when I grumble, "Why won't you sleep?", "Aren't you tired? I'm VERY tired ok. We are all very tired!" or "What do you want NOW?"

7. Read aloud from some of her brother's books. She seems to like Thomas the Tank Engine too (it could be his smiley face) that her brother is getting worried Baby wants to play with his trains too LOL

8. Let her cry propped up on a pillow. Ok, this is NOT recommended but I was really tired last night when she still refused to sleep at 9.30 pm! FYI, I DID NOT let her cry and scream her lungs out. I just let her lie there and only picked her up when her coos ---> loud sighs ---> squawks ("Ow! Ow!") ---> louder squawks ---> crying.

To her credit, my daughter is way, way, way better than my son because she can still sleep if she's in my arms and a roomful of people are chatting, eating or watching TV. As a baby, her brother could only sleep in TOTAL SILENCE.

While I'm still *a bit* stressed entertaining her during the day, I'm starting to see this as a blessing in disguise because she shows signs (like her brother) of sleeping through the night. Her last feed is at 10 pm, then she wakes up at 2.30/3.00 am and finally, at 6.30 am.

If this trend goes on, this means Mum will be able to get her beauty sleep soon. How about you? How do you entertain your cheeky baby?

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