Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Tiny Kite of Eddie Wing - Maxine Trotter and Al Van Mil

I can't recall where I bought this book but The Tiny Kite of Eddie Wing is about a young Chinese boy living in the United States (probably San Francisco) who loves kites but cannot afford to buy one.

Incidentally, a rich old man named Old Chan organizes a kite competition each year in his town but Eddie Wing cannot join because he doesn't own a kite.

This year, Old Chan's competition has a different rule...will Eddie Wing be able to join in the competition this time?

I like the storybook because:

a) A child learns that despite being poor and despite facing a lot of challenges in life, he can still win at something,

b) Old Chan is a wise old man who "gives back to the community" in a creative and generous way, which also helps to promote children's activities and Chinese culture

c) Lastly, Al van Mil's colourful illustrations are really, really beautiful.

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