Saturday, 13 October 2018

Black Shoes for School

As we are nearing the end of the school year 2018 in Malaysia, one of the BEST NEWS I have heard from the Ministry of Education is the introduction of BLACK SCHOOL SHOES!!!

Why am I so happy?

White school shoes are impractical 

Below is a pair of my daughter's white school shoes. It's only Tuesday and it's also the first month of wearing them but her shoes already look dirty and grubby. 

Some parents and etc argue that children will become lazy and lack discipline if they wear black school shoes...

Well, are you going to label a 7 year old child "lazy" and "undisciplined" just because his or her white school shoes are dirty?

First of all, anyone and everyone who's a shopaholic knows that white dresses, white handbags, white sofas and white shoes are the hardest to maintain because they attract dirt. 

Second, white canvas shoes need to be washed and dried. You need to wash your shoes on Saturday in order for them to be dried and ready by Monday. Since Malaysian schoolchildren have a lot of homework, activities, projects and exams, do they have time to wash school shoes?

On rainy days, Malaysian schoolchildren end up wearing flip-flops to school and pack their white canvas shoes in a plastic bag! How classy is that...

Black shoes are smart and stylish

I send my children to school for them to be educated - to learn how to do things in a smarter way than their parents and their grandparents.

If they are STILL wearing and washing white canvas shoes that their great-great-grandparents had to endure, then our education system is outdated.

Thank you, Dr. Madzlee Malik, for introducing this revolutionary step towards the future. I hope that you will have more progressive plans for our Malaysian schools.

In the meantime, we are shopping for black sports shoes or black Mary Janes :)

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