Saturday, 13 October 2018

Lemony Snicket Books (The Bad Beginning)

I like to read books a bit.I read a series of  LEMONY SNICKET'S books,it is ''The Series Of Unfortunate Events''and they are interesting.This are The Series Of Unfortunate Events:

  The first book is "The Bad Beginning". The plot is about the three Baudelaires were at Briny Beach. Their parents died in a fire that burn down the Baudelaire Mansion.
  Now Mr Poe is in charge of their fortune. They were sent to a person who lived in town,Count Olaf. Every day,he went to work early in the morning and always left a note writing to them to do chores. Usually, this chores were for adults like painting the gate or chop wood.
  One day, Count Olaf ordered them to cook dinner for them and Count Olaf's acting troupe. His neighbour is Justice Strauss,she took them to the market.And he tried to married the eldest child.Count Olaf and his associates escaped in a black car.

There are other series ,like:All The Wrong Questions.


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