Friday, 13 July 2018

Styling Tips for Wavy Hair

Do you have bad hair days like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter?

Did you always have people telling you to "brush your hair - it looks messy"?

Well, DO NOT LISTEN to them because you know this is what happens when you brush your curly or wavy hair:

Just give them a nice smile and toss your wavy hair because girl, I am telling you that you're going to have gorgeous and sexy waves naturally.

All those girls who laughed at Hermione Granger's hair?

Check this out:

How do you handle ALL THAT HAIR?

Here are the tried and tested tips:

1. Deep condition your hair once a week (e.g. a Friday night) with virgin coconut oil
- the easiest for me has been to use virgin coconut oil that I slather on when I get home from work. By the time dinner is done, at least 30 minutes would have passed to allow the VCO to nourish your hair. Then, I shower and wash my hair.

2. Use a sulphate-free, silicone-free shampoo
Both these chemicals add frizz to your hair.

I'd just read about an interesting concept called co-shampooing i.e. no shampoo, just conditioner. Must try ;-)

3. Use a cotton t-shirt, not a towel to dry your hair
An absolutely fascinating tip - another one is sleep on satin pillow cases. Brilliant!

4. Use a wide tooth comb to gently de-tangle your hair after shower.
Nowadays, I de-tangle it and move it into the shape I want so that it's nicely parted when it dries.

If you have shoulder length hair, you are advised to separate it into 4 bunches and twirl the ends with your finger. When it dries, it'll be in nice, natural waves.

If you're going to bed, you need to tie them into 4 buns but I've yet to figure out how that works! I can imagine piling up your hair into a messy bun like Chrissy Teigen but how do you do four buns?

I never go to bed with wet hair. Always let your hair dry naturally.

Do not use a blow dryer - use a blow dryer with diffuser instead. I wish I knew this when I was a teenager because I'd use a hair dryer onto my wavy hair! If anyone asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I am going to say that I need a hair dryer with diffuser or

5. Apply a bit lightweight oil like argan oil or olive oil to smooth it 

Avoid touching your wavy hair as this will create static - just leave it alone ok.

Enjoy and appreciate your natural wavy hair, ladies!

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