Sunday, 11 March 2018

Beauty is Skin Deep

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Do you have sensitive skin? Are you looking for skin care reviews?

If you nodded yes to both these questions, then welcome to my blog :)

Last year, I started blogging about my beauty products but I was pulled away because my little boy had the WORST SKIN BREAKOUT.

Clean Eating Diet

His breakout was so bad that he had to go on a "clean eating" (almost vegan) diet because anything processed, savoury or spicy would aggravate the flare. The poor thing  = (

Chemical-free cleansers

Besides being on a strict diet, he also had to avoid harsh cleansers i.e. soap-free, fragrance-free because his skin became dry with scabs.

For an active, sporty 10 year old kid, is is quite a challenge going to school with diet restrictions, activity restrictions and looking a bit like a "monster" but I am amazed by his buddies - they were the best boys!

Initially, the guys asked if he had chicken pox (did they have to stay away?) or some horrible disease (cracked some jokes) but when he explained that it was a skin problem, the boys just hung out as usual.

At lunch, he could not taste any new foods - some of the sweetest boys actually said, "It's okay, bro. I'll get my Mom to make it again when you're well, ok? This cake/soup/dish is awesome!"

He has the most amazing support group. Blessed.

Essential oil massage

My son is quite the Mr. Cool and Calm especially as he had his Mom (and little sis) helping him figure out how to best handle this skin breakout.

Since he had breakouts all over his arms, legs, chest (luckily, his face and neck areas were spared) it was kind of tough to apply any moisturizing cream or lotion on him. Plus, he is a TALL boy.

I used to give him and his little sister baby massages but massaging a 1.45 m boy is a different thing altogether LOL

Anyway, we all fell in love with Young Living's essential oils, especially Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves and the Dew Drop essential oil diffuser.

I love anything lavender and I'd also used lavender-infused massage oils on them when they were babies so he was lulled to sleep with happy childhood memories when I used Young Living's range of Lavender and the V6 vegetable carrier oil for the massages.

He and his little sister also enjoyed exploring the Premium Essential Kit, reading up about the 10 everyday oils and learning how to use the aroma diffuser.

In a nutshell, what was one of the worst days of his life turned out to be a lifelong learning experience for all of us :)

We embraced eating clean habits again and we also became more aware of additives and chemicals in our daily toiletries e.g. facial cleansers, shower gels.

If you have not gotten yourself a Premium Starter Kit, I suggest that you skedaddle me if you'd like to buy it under my group. Have a beautiful day.

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