Sunday, 11 December 2016

Have you tried Hydrogen water for Eczema?

I started drinking IZUMIO hydrogen-rich mineral water when I had muscle fatigue from April 2015 but I had not really appreciated this "power pack" until my son got the worst ever skin allergy rash in July 2016.

Antibiotics or steroids only. No, thank you.

I brought him to 3 doctors who gave 3 different diagnoses until a dermatologist confirmed it. Her solution? She wanted to put him on 1 month of antibiotics!

Are you nuts?

Almost everyone is getting educated about the misuse and overuse of antibiotics (effective only for bacteria/fungi/parasites) and here's a medical physician prescribing antibiotics for a skin allergy (autoimmune, right??? NOT bacteria/fungi/parasite)?

Eating clean  

I wanted to get to the root of the problem so I started off with an elimination diet i.e. sticking to basic, whole foods in order to identify the allergen. He started eating clean (The Real Food Challenge)

Seeing as how Hydrogen water has worked for other kids with eczema, I decided to give him 1 pack of IZUMIO per day to help with the detox. 

Flare-up after drinking 1 tbs of virgin coconut oil

When the skin condition became worse (especially after a dose of virgin coconut oil), it's seriously the GREATEST test of my patience and sanity as a Mum.  

I was encouraged to increase the IZUMIO Hydrogen water to 2 packs per day and with a bit of trepidation, I gave it to him (Note that I was drinking 3 packs per day for my arm problem). 

Thanks be to God because his skin took a turn for the better and soon, we noticed the angry red spots calming down and his soft smooth skin showing itself again. Phew!

If you (or your child has eczema or any skin problem), I strongly encourage you to try Hydrogen water.

Healthy skin again...

Recently, I introduced Hydrogen water to another mum whose kids have eczema too.

That mummy was surprised at how quickly the skin heals after drinking Hydrogen water
- she showed me how her child's open wounds closed up and flat new skin appeared in about 2 weeks. She ordered another box from me :)

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