Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Going to the Movies

Walking down memory lane, I recall the first movie we'd taken him to. He was 4 years old then while his baby sister was a few months old. Me? I was DEAD TIRED from breastfeeding a baby and handling a fresh 4 year old. I think I had blood shot eyes then. Out of the blue, my younger sister asked me if HE was old enough to catch a movie at the cinema. I think I blinked and stared at her for a while because the idea of taking a boisterous 4 year old had never, never, never crossed my mind. Who would want to take toddlers anywhere??? Then again, I missed going to cinema and having popcorn! Since my mom would look after the baby, the three of us rushed to get dressed to watch "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid". I told my sister that we needed a plan to keep him in his seat and NOT running up and down the aisle. We decided to get a lot of food: a hot dog, French fries and a tub of popcorn to share among us. Surprisingly, he was subdued as we lined up to get the tickets and then made our way up to the cinema. He was probably overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds :D When we entered the cinema, he said, "Wow, the TV is so big!!!" Since we were just in time for the opening credits, we quickly nudged him to his seat and waited for the movie to start. I was worried that he may be bored since the movie's about 11-12 year old kids. True enough, he fidgeted a bit (although the movie began with scenes of kids going to school) but he was happy to eat the hot dog. When he finished the hot dog, my sister and I wondered if we'd have to burn our movie tickets and leave early when the scene of the cheese curse appeared. Phew! He was most fascinated by the piece of gooey, mouldy cheese stuck to the floor that he laughed. I think he said something like, "Dirty cheese!!!" LOL Thanks to the stinky cheese, we all managed to have a good time at the cinema. And that's the story of our first time at the movies. Wait till you hear about his baby sister's first time at the movies...

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