Sunday, 1 September 2013

Problem Solving for Kids

Toddler What are you cooking, Mummy?

Mummy: Fish. (I am rubbing salt on stinky fish - WORST time ever to start a conversation with me)

Toddler: Ohhh...I want to see. (Not a question. It's a demand.)

Mummy: hands are dirty. Son comes into the kitchen.

Kid: What are you cooking, Mummy?

Mummy: Fish! (Still cleaning fish. Still getting the same question! Luckily, the husband isn't around...)

Kid: Is that my favourite fish?

Mummy: Hmm...

Toddler: I want to see! I want to see! I want to see! It's too high...

Kid: Yeah, she can't see. I'm so tall now, I don't need a stool. (Toddler continues to whine.)

Mummy: Ok, ok...think. What can you do?

Toddler: I'm not tall. I'm so short. I can't see.

Mummy: Ok, so you're short. What can short people do if they can't see something?

Toddler: Cry!

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