Wednesday, 31 March 2010

4 months old, girl!

Hi! I have been under a mountain of papers as I'm finishing up on some work...

Anyway, taking a moment's pause to blog about my baby girl. I can't believe that she's 4 months already.

Here are the updates:

She sleeps through the night! Yup, I think she started doing that since she was 3 months old but I'd wake her up at 11 pm for a last feed. Then, she'd wake at 3 am and later, at 7 pm (because she's so skinny).

But once her weight went past 5 kg, I relaxed and just wake her up at 11 pm before I turn in for the night.

She's got another 1.5 months to go before starting solids! I'm really excited because I can't wait to try out those frozen vege cubes I didn't manage to make for the boy when I was a full-time working Mum. Got the covered ice cube trays all ready already LOL

Also, I'm hoping that she'll plump up then. Currently, she's on a ratio of 40:60 combination of formula (Similac) and breastfeeding. I've been so, so, so tied up with daily life and work that I've not pumped as much as I should. Thus, I try to breastfeed her direct as much as I can.

Let me show you why I'm "a bit" obsessed with her weight. The photos below show my two kids wearing the same blue shirt:

I'm so used to caring for a big, big baby that I really struggled with my little sweetpea. EVERYONE keeps stressing to me that it's OK because she's a girl.

But it doesn't help whenever I carry her, I get questions like:
"Is she a newborn?" (She's already 2 months old!)

"Oh...she's very thin, huh?" (I guess they think the FAT Mummy got all the nutrition)

"Are you feeding her enough?" (Yes, I have. Do you think that I'd starve my own child???)
I cannot agree with newspaper reports that Malaysians are no longer a "caring society" - I have many, many, many aunties (young and old) looking out for this little baby!

Even though I'm rattled by their remarks, I *try* to be patient because they only speak out because they are concerned over the baby. And I think it's good for Malaysia that we still have "busybody" people like that :D

I'm determined to continue breastfeeding her until she's 6 months old and hopefully for a year. I can't put her on 100% formula because she's allergic to quite a number of brands (Enfalac HA, Lactogen).

It's been such a headache switching brands but we think she's OK with Similac...

She's very naughty. Yup, that's true because she's choosy over the people she will look at or even let carry! Somehow, she doesn't like Grandma in the evenings --- she turns her head the other way when I show her Grandma. Naughty or not?

And she SCREAMS and SCREAMS and SCREAMS when she's a) hungry and b) sleepy for bed at 7.30 pm. I have to be with her in the bedroom then and stay until she sleeps soundly by 8.00 pm.

Of course, as I need to give her brother his evening bath, I'll let her loll around the bed with a round rattle fitted like a bangle on her little hand. She'll be OK for about 5 minutes as I rush through the boy's bath LOL

She loves ping-pong. Strange but true but she got really excited when I showed her a father and son playing ping-pong at our apartment. She'd flap her hands, kick her legs and squeal really loudly like a cheerleader! Embarrassing...

She's just as active as her brother BUT she's more talkative. Yup, I'm looking at another cheeky monkey I'll have to chase around later :P She's quite a chat partner - very cute because she'll look at you with a smile and make comments as she holds her hands together. Kind of like Queen Elizabeth! (no disrespect intended)

She loves her brother! If you know how active, loud and rough my son can be, you can imagine the many, many, many times I've had to yell at him to stop, get off the bed or get out of the room.

Sigh, he's now SLIGHTLY better but I still need to watch him. He'll lie down next to her and let her grip his finger. She responds well by holding on to it as tightly as can with her lips pursed as he pulls it away again and again and again :D

He'll also shake a rattle at her when she cries. And usually, she keeps quiet and perks up whenever he enters the room. The hero-worship has begun!

And the brother? He complained that:
"She always sleep, sleep, sleep! I want to play with him (her)."
But he'll snuggle next to me and allow me to read a book to both of them. She's always entertained both by the reading session and her brother's excited and noisy reactions.

The funniest moment has to be when he was fiddling with a contractor's measuring tape and decided he wanted to measure how long she is!

And the little girl doesn't mind since her big brother is playing with her. Everyone agrees that she's gonna be a tall girl.

She has sensitive skin. She's another sweaty baby and she seems to be even more sensitive to heat than her brother because she's gets really cranky when she's hot, especially now with El Nino...

Now, she's got a heat rash around her neck, which I sometimes apply "bedak sejuk" to cool her down. She sleeps really soundly if the room temperature's set at 27 deg C

She's such a diva! :D

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