Tuesday, 26 January 2010

William Wegman's 123

One of the fun parts of browsing through a bookstore is that you never know what you'll find.

I thought I'd seen all kinds of children's books - well, until I stumbled upon William Wegman's "123". Almost everyone knows about the famous photographer from New Zealand, Anne Geddes and her baby portraits but have you ever heard of William Wegman and his dogs?

I think I picked up this book because of its "123", thinking that it's got high quality photos for the kids to read while learning their number.

Actually, it turned out to be a book where dogs are arranged to form shapes of numbers! Can you see them in the book cover below?
All I can say is that you can't help but smile and see the world in a different way when you see William Wegman's collection of books and calendars:

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