Sunday, 4 May 2008

My Dinosaur by Mark Alan Weatherby

Children who love dinosaurs will LOVE this book!

Mark Alan Weatherby, who paints with "fairy dust", takes us on little Sophi's night ride with her imaginary friend, the dinosaur.

Together, they sail through the night sky, meet forest creatures, play with fishes and reach for the stars!

The next morning, a yawning Sophi has us guessing if her dinosaur is really her imagination. Or not.

The text is more prose than poetry, which does not make for a smooth read-aloud session but the beautiful, vivid and rich colours of Sophi and her dinosaur will keep them engaged.

When I read the book with my son, he participated at the parts where questions were posed:
"Will he come tonight?"
He nodded.
"Is that his tail behind the trees?"
He pointed to the tail. And nodded.

He also pointed out familiar creatures/objects he knew the names to e.g. owl, fox, rabbit, star, girl, spoon, bowl.

Preschoolers and lower primary children will reinforce their grasp of verbs in the present tense as they read through this book. If anything, they'll enjoy this magical ride with a favourite pre-historic friend!

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